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Brake Caliper Painting

Show off your style by adding an unexpected pop of color with durable, heat-resistant custom paint.

Brake Caliper Painting in Orange County, CA

Just because your calipers are tucked deep in your wheel doesn’t mean they shouldn’t have their cameo moment. Bring’em out from the shadows by giving them a POP of color with brake caliper painting.

The fine art of brake caliper painting

Painting brake calipers is different than, say, painting a fender. That’s because they get hot, like really hot. Paint should expand and contract during temperature swings without cracking, bubbling or peeling. So we made it our mission to create a blend of pigments, high-temperature additives and flex agents to make your calipers look newly powder-coated.

Our multi-stage paint process involves removing the pads and hardware while leaving the calipers mounted. Yep, still on the vehicle. The detail that goes into making calipers look powder coated off of the car instead of painted on the car is extensive. And we have it down to a science … and an art. Frankly, if someone tells you they can do the job cheaper and faster then they’re not doing it correctly, plain and simple.

How not to paint brake calipers

So how are others doing it? Many body shops remove the calipers to paint them. Here’s the problem with that: The brakes have to be bled when reinstalled, causing damage to your freshly painted calipers. It could wind up costing you to have it redone the right way. Cha-ching!

Besides the risk of damage, body shop painting can take up to 4 days and powder coating up to 2 weeks (requiring completely rebuilding the brakes). Who’s got time for that? Our process avoids these scenarios.

Lamborghini Aventador Painted Calipers

Brake Caliper Painting Specialists in Orange County, CA

Brake Caliper Painting Orange County California

Calipers Painted

Stand Out From the Crowd!

Benefits of our brake caliper painting service:

  • Save time, money, aggravation and inconvenience with our painting process compared to that of body shops.
  • No cracking, peeling or bubbling with our specially created heat-resistant paint.
  • Longer-lasting color with paint that outlasts those used in body shops.
  • Match your vehicle color, or choose a complementary color or pattern that’ll capture eyeballs as you drive by.
  • Tailor your paint job even more with manufacturer or custom decals.
  • Like the look of matte or satin finishes? We can do that for you, too.
  • Same-day turnaround so you can show off your baby’s new look sooner.
  • Longer durability, less chipping, less fading, and more gloss with our multi-stage paint; most manufacturer paint uses single-stage paint with no clear coat.

Make your wheels POP!

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Brake caliper paint for race cars

Some of you may wonder, “Hmm, will this work on my race car?” Yep! We’ve painted calipers on many track cars — even hours before a race — and have never been called back to redo cracking or peeling paint from overheating.

Quality formulas and years of experience make all the difference.

Lamborghini Orange Brake Calipers
Lamborghini Red Brake Calipers
Porsche Green Brake Calipers
Rolls-Royce Orange Brake Calipers
Daily Driven Exotics Lamborghini Painted Brake Calipers
Ferrari Yellow Painted Calipers

Ready For Your Wheels to Turn Heads?

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